Meet Our Biggest Hair Color Innovation in Over a Century


Hair color trends are constantly moving. One week we might be talking about rose gold hair, and the next we’re taking it neon blue or paring locks back with natural-looking balayage. You could never call our industry’s goings-on uneventful, but there is one area where things tend to stay the same: in the choice of dye molecules that are used.

Until now, that is. Wella Professionals’ technical advancement soars to new heights with the introduction of KOLESTON PERFECT with ME+. It is the first and only professional hair color brand to feature breakthrough technologies, Pure Balance Technology and ME+. But, what does that mean? Let’s break it down…

The Pure Balance Technology is designed to minimize the formation of free radicals during the color formation by deactivating impurities like metals present in hair. Free radicals interfere with the color formation during the color development and are a key cause to hair damage. With Pure Balance Technology, the result is even pure color results with natural depth and shine and significantly less hair damage, color after color**.

Meanwhile, the ME+ technology is a scientific breakthrough designed to replace extreme sensitizers, PPD and PTD, reducing the risk of up to 60x less likely to develop a new allergy to hair color*. First patented in the 19th century, PPD and PTD had been the leading ingredients in permanent hair color for over 130 years. NEW KOLESTON PERFECT with ME+ is about to change that, offering salon clients our most meaningful change in hair color innovation in over a century.

The new formula also delivers color that is significantly more even, balanced and true to tone from root to tip** offering better balance of tone and control of depth** with up to 100% grey coverage. The vibrant color portfolio spans naturals, brunettes, reds and blondes, plus a special mixing range to make a wide array of shades possible. 

NEW KOLESTON PERFECT with ME+ also requires no habit change for stylists as it features the same mixing ratio, the same development time and the same grey coverage, all enhanced with easier mixing, more precise application and an improved fragrance that offers a better experience for colorists and clients.

To get you started – and give you an idea of the vibrant color results you can achieve – here are five striking looks created using Koleston Perfect with ME+…

*FOR PEOPLE NOT ALLERGIC TO HAIR COLORANTS - Although the risk of developing new allergy is reduced, there remains a risk of allergic reaction that can be severe. Always perform an allergy alert test 48h before each coloration. Strictly follow safety instructions and consult If your client has ever experienced an allergic reaction to hair colorants, you should not color. ME+ is present in specific shades of Pure Naturals, Rich Naturals, Vibrant Reds, Special Blonde and Deep Browns of the Koleston Perfect brand.

**Versus previous Koleston Perfect. Valid for Koleston Perfect with Pure Balance Technology.



The Creator: Andreas Kurkowitz


The Look: You already know that copper hair is trending. This vibrant take sees three rich, copper shades gently melted together for an expensive-looking blend that’s totally seamless.


Follow the Bogi step-by-step tutorial.



The Creator: Andreas Kurkowitz


The Look: This is brunette hair done right. Warm amber hues give definition to curls, resulting in a touchable, bouncy finish and extra dimension.


Follow the Aqua step-by-step tutorial.



The Creator: Andreas Kurkowitz


The Look: If you’re looking for super, super-subtle peach hairspiration, this color is the answer. Tones of gold leaf and fresh apricot blonde come together in a softly-layered, bevelled bob to give the appearance of fuller hair.


Follow the Frida step-by-step tutorial.



The Creator: Andreas Kurkowitz


The Look: Perfect for olive skin tones, this cool brunette features subtle cendre hues that enhance long hair. The result? An elegant, sophisticated, premium finish.


Follow the Kiran step-by-step tutorial.



The Creator: Andreas Kurkowitz


The Look: Expect a barrage of creamy blonde color requests as we go into winter. This amalgamation of sandy beige highlights will flatter the features of every wearer.


Follow the Dani step-by-step tutorial.

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