How To Rock It: The Dark Roots Trend

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Dark roots are officially trending. Bear with us here; while we’ll always love that freshly-colored look, autumn/winter is all about embracing a slightly root-y, rock chick finish. Inspired by the likes of Kate Moss, the Olsen twins and Jennifer Lawrence, what you want is a cool contrast between the roots and the lengths that appears totally effortless.

In a way, it’s a little like balayage. You’re still getting that transition from dark to light, but it’s less of a sun-kissed, seamless fade and more of a distinct color contrast. Dark roots come with the added bonus of making fine hair appear fuller, so it’s the perfect trend to try if locks are looking lacklustre in the winter months.

Here’s how to wear it...


Dark roots may not come naturally if the hair is very blonde, but it is possible to add some shadow at the roots with a semi-permanent color, like Wella Professionals Color Fresh. It covers the whole spectrum of natural, warm and cool tones, meaning it’s easy to find a color that will match the hair’s undertones, while still contrasting against blonde lengths.


There’s no need to darken the roots. Instead, go lighter through the lengths with a free-hand lightener, like Blondor Freelights, and leave an inch of shadow at the top for a grown-out effect. The technique is totally intentional, but never looks that way.

Once you’ve achieved dark roots, enhance the contrast by glossing up the lengths of the hair. Apply EIMI Pearl Styler to damp strands before styling for a dose of healthy shine. For longer hair, apply EIMI Perfect Me after blow-drying, for a smooth finish and soft hold.  

And, when you’re ready to move on from those Moss-inspired roots, simply use the Salon Finder to get booked up for a fresh dye job. It’s that easy. 

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