Photos or It Didn't Happen

This post covers using organic posts to elevate your social media profiles.

Eye-catching photos and compelling videos are a great way to showcase the fantastic products that you use as a Wella Professional. But clients want to see the products put to use with organic, real-life posts. So how does one start the conversation of getting client footage? We've put together a few casual templates to get the convo rolling and jumpstart your social presence.

It's all about confidence. When clients know you trust yourself, they feel good leaving their style in your capable hands. 

  1. Create the Atmosphere - Your clients know when they walk out the door, they're leaving with fabulous style created with high-quality color. The next best elements of the appointment are a smile and powerful imagery showing next-level hair care. Confidently greet your clients knowing that you have the salon secrets to powerful transformation. 
  2. Talk it Out - Actively listen to your clients and what they want most from their appointments. No matter the complexity, you've got what it takes to treat their strands, and they want to know that you're genuinely listening. 
  1. Ask the Question - Let your clients be the ultimate deciders on posting. It gives them the power of knowing they can trust you to post them in the best ways possible. And it's important to inform your clients that you will glam them out and get their final approval before posting. 

    "I'm so excited about this style that I'd like to take a 'before-and-after'   Opens in a new tabto show you the beautiful transformation that we're making. If you love it, we can post it to social and show the rest of the world. No pressure either way! I know you're going to look amazing."

    "You're going to look incredible. If you're okay with it, I'd love to take a 'before-and-after' of this transformation. If you like the footage, I'll post it. It's totally up to you!"

    "I have to say that I'm really excited about this new look. Why don't we do a 'before-and-after'? I'll style you beforehand. And if you like what you see, we can post it to social or keep it for ourselves!"

  2. Style Before Snapping - To show your work in the best light, fully style your clients before taking any footage. You are your own publicist. Do yourself the favor of showing off your best creations. It really is that easy to initiate the topic of social footage. After all, you're telling your clients that they deserve to be featured with their gorgeous new look! Now, get posting.