Marketing Resources for Wella Stylists

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A sample of one of the many flyers available to customize.

DURING: The Salon Experience

Clients should feel welcomed when entering your salon. What better way to make them comfortable and confident with transformation than beautiful imagery and easy price listings to ease them into their services? Your salon says a lot about you and the way your client will feel after the appointment. After all, the salon experience happens before and after the client sits in your chair.

  • • Appointment Cards: Your clients are walking advertisements. You should keep their style as up-to-date as possible. Use our chic, designed cards to guarantee they look their best and return often.
  • • Posters and Banners: Visual imagery is powerful. When a client sees the exceptional style on the signs of your salon, they know they can expect the same caliber when they step inside. Make sure your salon is speaking without you saying a word. These stunning visuals are perfect for adding a pop of color to vacant areas of your salon.
  • • Service Tent Cards: Give your clients something to read in your salon waiting area with three-sided information cards that are easy to print, fold, and display. These cards can stimulate fresh service ideas and spark conversation during the salon experience.
  • • Price Lists: Our price lists are easy-to-read and explain the cost of one-of-a-kind services without the need for uncomfortable conversations regarding money. You can also use price lists as a promotional piece for seasonal trends.
  • • Promo Days: To sway clients to occupy days that aren’t as busy. Keeping your schedule more consistent while offering them the bonus of discounted services and less rush.

AFTER: Keeping the Client

Maintaining relationships is vital after the client leaves your salon. To ensure your clients know they are unique to your business, send personalized cards and posts welcoming them to loyalty discounts and services. Always showcase your salon to current and potential clients on social media.

  • • Referral and Loyalty Cards: Exposure creates sales. Say ‘thank you’ with loyalty discounts that increase your chances of repeat business, and keep a fresh stock of referral cards for your clients to distribute with every compliment they receive for their new styles. The bonus of a referral discount motivates your clients to spread the word.
  • • Wish Cards: Clients want to feel special. Personalized benefits for birthdays or special events establish relationships and grow your sales if a client decides that the discount is worth adding extra services.
You can find these customizable referral templates at
An example of the many Instagram images you can share to announce new services and products offered in salon!

BONUS: Social Presence

Let your social audience know that you are a part of the haircare elite with pre-designed posts that elevate your platforms. These Wella-approved images and videos are sized to fit your pages.

  • • Banners: To keep your sites clean, consistent, and on-brand, professional-looking
  • • Facebook: Photos, videos, and banner to create a professional online presence.
  • • Instagram: Photos and videos for a professional online presence.