How to Rock It: The Dark Roots Trend

Back of woman's head with dark roots and caramel blonde hair styled with loose waves

Dark roots are officially trending. Bear with us here; while we’ll always love that freshly-colored look, autumn/winter is all about embracing a slightly root-y, rock chick finish. Inspired by the likes of Kate Moss, the Olsen twins and Jennifer Lawrence, what you want is a cool contrast between the roots and the lengths that appears totally effortless.

In a way, it’s a little like balayage. You’re still getting that transition from dark to light, but it’s less of a sun-kissed, seamless fade and more of a distinct color contrast. Dark roots come with the added bonus of making fine hair appear fuller, so it’s the perfect trend to try if locks are looking lacklustre in the winter months.

Here’s how to wear it...