In a dream world, ‘sun-kissed hair’ would work exactly as the phrase implies. The sun would lighten your strands, and your locks would be resplendent in shimmering golden tones. But flawless beach hair rarely comes as easily as that, as you’ll know from the inevitable influx of balayage appointments that come your way every. single. summer.

Now, there’s a raft of new techniques that give your clients the most natural-looking, beachy finish. Think, the kind of effortlessly glowing mane that would make any surfer girl proud. Want in? Next time you get a request for hair that looks beautifully sun-kissed, pull one of these foolproof tricks and trends out of your repertoire…


The Color: Blondor Lightening Powder for noticeable lift that’s lighter than your client’s natural level.


The Look: A brighter version of babylights, strandlights relies on the same micro-fine application, but with a little extra lift for a sun-bleached effect. Focus the majority of color around the hair line to make your client’s complexion glow, and try applying with the parting in a zig zag shape to reach the lower layers of hair.


Image: @konstantinos_hair


The Color: Illumina Color 8/13 for a warm toffee or 8/69 for a soft caramel or perhaps 6/16 for a deeper chocolate tone. Combine with 9%/30vol Welloxon Perfect for two levels of lift.


The Look: This super-soft take on balayage will be your go-to come September. It gives dark-haired clients the end-of-summer, sun-kissed feel they crave without undergoing a dramatic transformation. To get the look, delicately weave toffee tones through light brown locks, caramel hues through medium brown hair and chocolate-y accents through darker brown lengths for a subtle lift that shimmers under the light.


Image: @gretawagner_

Soft Peach

The Color: Blondor Vol. 20 to pre-lighten + a Color Fresh CREATE blend that’s 1 part Hyper Coral 30 parts Tomorrow Clear + Nudist Pink Pure.


The Look: This is what happens when beach hair meets peach hair: a sun-kissed version of the pastel trend that features ribbons of Color Fresh CREATE in coral, pink and peachy tones. On a pale blonde base, focus the peach color through the roots so it melts into lighter ends. Including extra bands around the hairline will add extra dimension to your clients’ hair.


Image: @keiramasonhair

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