Your Guide to Wella’s Hair Color Charts

Model in a salon, having a hair colour consultation.

If you spend more time sitting in the salon chair than you do coiffing hair behind it, you might think your colorist simply glances at a color chart before choosing your next ultra-flattering shade. However, there’s a lot of knowledge behind every formula they mix, even if they make each decision, suggestion and technique look utterly effortless.

And, while we can’t lift the lid on every secret your stylist has up their sleeve, we’re giving you a little more insight into how the Wella hair color charts are used. Hair lovers: consider this your chance to demystify the salon experience and, colorists, read on to brush up on the skills you’ve already expertly honed…

A table showing how the Wella Professionals hair depth numbering system works.
A table showing how the Wella Professionals hair tone numbering system works.


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