3 Trends to Take Your Blonde Hair Into Winter

Colour Trends

Switching to a sun-kissed hair color isn’t just a summer move. This season, wintery shades of blonde are trending, whether cool and icy or warm and golden. While frost-filtered hues and platinum tones are still hot property during these colder months, there are three more beautiful blonde looks you need to be getting on your radar. And with Kim Kardashian, Selena Gomez and Emily Ratajkowski all revealing their own brands of blonde, there’s no better time to experiment with lighter, multi-dimensional shades. Here are the trends you need to know…


Think of California’s cooler days, when your daily outfit is a sweater and sunglasses, and the morning sunrise fills the sky with a palette of bright gold and warm nude tones. The latter is the key inspiration for Cali balayage; a heavier take on traditional balayage, that sees platinum and pastel shades generously layered through the mid-lengths of hair. Though a high level of color is required to achieve these Golden State-worthy locks, the slightly lived-in root means the look grows out to be super low-maintenance. To complete that Cali-cool vibe, team the blend of blonde hues with a tousled texture, spritzing EIMI Ocean Spritz through strands and scrunching for a piece-y, wavy finish.


While Cali balayage is on the cooler side, cream soda color combines beige-brown and blonde hair tones, resulting in a warmer, creamier hue. Great for blondes who wish to go darker and brunettes looking to lighten up, this trend relies on luminous golden highlights that make skin appear brighter. For this particular look, highlights were added using Blondor Powder + Color Touch Emulsion 1.9% (or Weloxon Perfect Pastel) with a 1:1.5 ratio. Blondor Freelights 12% was then painted through random strands, before hair was glossed with Illumina Color in an even balance of the shades 10/36 and 8/69.


Go warmer still with toffee tones swathed through a rich brunette base. A palette of dark blonde highlights that boast a metallic sheen will suit most skin tones, and provide an instant lift to locks that are lacking lustre during these chilly months. To create this look, Color Touch in 6/47 was applied at the roots, and 7/73 was smoothed through the mid-lengths, then left to process under heat for 15 minutes. Finally, the tones were emulsified for a further five minutes, resulting in a beautifully-blended mane that glimmers and gleams with every move.

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