Blunt Cut Haircut: Your Everything Guide

Styling Trends

For as long as regular cuts have been a prerequisite of beautiful hair, layers have been dutifully snipped into locks, both mermaid-long and pixie-short. They have their benefits – volume, shape and texture, to name a few – but, while layers are always in style, there’s a new trending trim rising to the fore. Enter the blunt cut.

Straight-across scissoring gets a bad rap for seeming far too… well, simple. Little do non-hairdressers know, it takes a skilful hand to perfect a blunt cut hairstyle. Best suited to clients with fine hair, this Bella Hadid-approved ‘do makes the cut look thicker, while thick-haired clients will achieve a ‘stacked’ effect that works well with waves and curls. The cut also works its magic on embattled ends that are starting to look wispy. If tapered tips are the hallmark of a damaged mane, it only makes sense to opt for a sharp outline.

So, how do you create the look for your clients? All you need is a comb, a good pair of scissors and maximum patience as you work through the hair section-by-section. Use minimal tension to avoid unwanted graduation and be prepared to tackle layers: if they’re long you can cut the base line to meet the layers, while shorter layers should be softened so they seamlessly blend with mid-lengths. Pair the cut with a bob or lob length for the most flattering effect and recommend trims every six to eight weeks to maintain the sharpest shape.

Image: @folksiiri

As for styling, straight appears to be the look du jour for a blunt cut. On the catwalk, we saw severe chops receive extra impact when teamed with a poker-straight finish. To style this look on your clients, generously mist hair with EIMI Thermal Image to safeguards strands, then glide Pro Straight Color from root to tip for a super-sleek look. If you get requests for a tousled curl, wrap two-inch sections of hair around the Pro-Curl Tong, focusing on the middle before heating the ends very quickly.

And that’s how you create a modern-looking, straight-across cut that clients will love. Put bluntly, it might just be the haircut of the season.

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