5 Things Your Colorist Wants You to Know

From rainbow dyes to smoked peach strands, colorful hair is everywhere right now - and, if you’re thinking about taking the plunge, the best way to do it is always in a salon. No one will be able to take your hair from blonde to mermaid blue like a pro colorist, but before you book up, here’s your pre-appointment need-to-know…

2. Pinterest is your friend

Reaching your perfect hair hue is as important to us as it is to you. Saying you want pink hair is fine, but visuals are key if you have a specific shade in mind. That’s why it’s always best to put in a little bit of research, and Pinterest is brimming with inspiration – as is the @WellaHair Instagram.

Image: @kai_sohn

5. Aftercare is key

Specialist shampoos for colored hair exist for a good reason: they are the color insurance you need to maintain your look in its optimum condition. Ask your colorist which products are best suited to you to keep your hair hydrated and healthy. Share your enviable color creations with us on Instagram. Follow @WellaHair and tag #WellaHair #StylistsDoItBetter – the best ones could be chosen for a feature across our channels. 

Image: @wellajordan