How to Refine & Enhance With a Gloss for Gray Hair

Whether your client has naturally gray hair or it’s been colored to silvery perfection, a gray glossing service is one of the quickest ways to boost shine and balance the tone. Not only will it neutralize hints of yellow that can often show up in gray shades, but it also has glow-giving, tone-enhancing benefits for those clients craving a boost of shine.

That’s why we’re breaking down everything you need to know about carrying out a gloss for gray hair, no matter if their color is ‘au naturel’ or comes courtesy of your handiwork…

Back of woman’s head with short, gray, blow-dried hair.

Image Credit: @jaripalin | @lesalondenico

Back of woman’s head with mid-length, super-straight, glossy gray hair.
Back of woman’s head with long, wavy, silver-gray hair.

Image Credit: | @njuk_

Side profile of woman with blunt, violet-gray bob haircut.