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Stylists, you’ve done your training, you can work your way round a colour chart with your eyes closed and you’re armed with inspiration but is your talent being shouted about or are you keeping it under lock and key? Either way you need to get on board with Wella Professionals’ amazing new ad campaign. Designed to champion their salon superstars (that’s you by the way), #StylistsDoItBetter is the perfect platform to show off your skills as well as give clients, old and new, a sneak peek at your latest and greatest work.

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The concept is mega easy. All you need to do is take a selfie with your client, tag #StylistsDoItBetter and then post it on social media – Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook – the more airtime you give your pictures the better! And you can be as creative as you like. Before and after pics, Instagram stories of the consultation, flagging up colours and products you’ve used to get the look - even things you’ve spotted that have got your creative juices flowing. It can all become part of your #StylistsDoItBetter story.

You could even take your feed one step further and get your client to post a pic too! You could create a colour journey with them, especially if they’re a first time balayager or dipping their toe in the pastel hair trend.

#StylistsDoItBetter | Wella Professionals

Yes, influencers and beauty bloggers might have thousands of followers but you’ve got oodles of expertise when it comes to professional colour so start spreading the word. Before you know it, you’ll be the talk of the town and probably have earned yourself a few extra bookings too!