Braided Buns are the New Go-To for Flawless Festival Hair

Styling Trends

Forget messy braids and classic buns. This year's festival-ready hair trend combines the two in one hot hairstyle. Get ready to embrace this season's braided buns...

The perfect all-day style that stays in place, braided buns are the ideal look to show off on the festival circuit this season. From plaited space buns to sleek braided ballerina buns, find the up do to suit your summer vibe with our expert tips and tricks. They work for every cut; whether you have a super-short bob or long, tousled tresses. 

Braided Buns 101

Whatever braided bun look you’re going for, prep your hair for the perfect canvas before styling. Hair up looks work best on day old hair, but you can make it work on freshly washed tresses by adding a little extra grip with styling products, like EIMI Dry Me and EIMI Sugar Lift for texture and hold. If you’ve just stepped out of the shower, apply EIMI Shape Me to damp hair before blow drying. This will help maintain shape and hold when it comes to teasing the hair into place later. 

Another tip to make your bun easier to create is to add a soft wave to hair, which builds texture and grip ahead of styling. Using a tong, wrap hair loosely around the wand for a natural wave, or use thin straighteners to bevel hair around the face. Adding movement to hair helps to keep the ends neat and gives a good shape to your bun when pinned into place. 

For finer hair that needs a volume boost, apply EIMI Root Shoot to damp hair at the roots. Or, if working on day-old hair, softly backcomb with a fine-toothed comb, pushing hair back in even strokes from mid-lengths to ends. This will allow pins to grip to your hair texture and hold for longer. If hair is very fine, try lightly crimping before backcombing for extra lift. 

The Line-Up

Now you have the basics, it’s time to decide on your braided bun of choice. Keep scrolling for two easy ways to wear festival-ready braided buns...

Textured Braided Buns | Festival Hair | Wella Professionals

Bed-Head Braided Bun

Best For: All Lengths

Laid-back luxe in a hair style. Bed-head hair oozes relaxed, woke-up-like-this vibes, looking effortlessly cool with your festival outfit. Just add hair rings to give this look a little edge. 


Step One: Using a wide barreled tong, wrap hair around curlers for a soft wave and texture. Make sure you use EIMI Thermal Image to protect your hair through heat styling. 



Step Two: Separate two small sections either side of a centre parting. 



Step Three: Start braiding one side, adding a hair ring every few turns, before securing into place with a micro band. Repeat for the other side. 



Step Four: Take both sections of braids and twist into a relaxed, tousled bun at the back of the head. 



Step Five: Fix with EIMI Ocean Spritz and tease the bun with finger tips for a messier texture. Pin into place to finish.  


Discover more inspiring creations by @bouchyhair.

Braided Ballerina Bun

Braided Ballerina

Best For: Mid-Length to Long Hair

If you like to stay polished through festival season, try a braided ballerina bun for a sleek style to suit your chic summer vibe.     


Step One: Separate hair into two sections. Use your nose as a guide to find the middle point of your parting, and create a clean line from the top of the forehead to the nape of the neck, using the end of a pin tail comb. 



Top Tip: With the comb in a starting position at the top of your forehead, place a finger at the center of the nape of the neck and allow the comb to swiftly meet this finger. 



Step Two: Starting at the nape of the neck, braid one section upwards towards the crown of your head, continuing until you have a full plait, and secure with a tight band.



Step Three: Repeat on the other side of your head. 



Step Four: Taking the two plaits in each hand, cross over and twist hair into a high top knot.



Step Five: Pin into place around the outside of the bun and secure with EIMI Mistify Me Strong for 24-hour hold that brushes out easily the next day. 


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