5 Peach Looks that Prove it’s Summer’s Must-Have Hair Color

Colour Trends

We’re in the middle of a peach revival. While Kylie Jenner-inspired peach eyeshadow was everywhere last year, the fruity shade is now making the transition from makeup to hair color. A warmer take on rose gold hair, it’s a festival-perfect, pastel tone that can be worn as a subtle wash or a vibrant, almost-orange mane.

So, how do you create the look? Darker hair will need pre-lightening in order for the shade to make an impact, while existing highlights should be given a yellow undertone to support the peachy hue. Once hair is light enough to for the peachy tones to show up, ask your clients how long they want it to last. This can be anything from three washes to three months with our portfolio of color services.

Option one is a temporary hue using Perfecton by Color Fresh. This specialty leave-in color lasts for up to three washes and can be custom-blended to a warm, peach tone using a mix of Copper /43 and gold /03 with a touch of Red /44 or mahogany /5. For a longer-lasting finish, use Color Fresh CREATE, a semi-permanent color that comes in the shade Hyper Coral, which pastelizes to a peach hue when mixed with Tomorrow Clear.


True Peach

This cool creation by Jenni Vehkaoja is as peach as it gets. To get the look, she started with a balayage technique using Blondor Freelights, 20vol 6% developer and a little Blondor Magma /44 + /36. Jenni then washed the hair and applied Color Touch Instamatic in Pink Dream with a Color Touch Emulsion, before misting strands in EIMI Sugar Lift for a dreamy dose of texture.


Copper peach

With a touch of metallic, Marek Syřiště creates this copper peach hue with a warm, sunny take on the trend. If you have dark blonde hair, leave a little bit of root on show for a cool graduation of color. 


Neon peach

Color Fresh CREATE holds all the shades you need for this multi-tonal look. Your key colors are Nu-Dist Pink, High Magenta, Hyper Coral and Infinite Orange,. Apply each one in root-to-tip sections, then use the edge of the tint brush to gradually merge them together, creating a bold melt that’s ultra-eye-catching and striking. This image can be found here


Subtle peach

Another Color Fresh CREATE creation, this look sees pink and peach shades intertwined through a pale blonde base. The effect is apricot hair that makes skin appear ultra-glowy. To get the look, Tom Badger mixed Nu-Dist Pink and Hyper Coral with Tomorrow Clear, which diluted the punchy shades to a softer pastel hue for true #pastelization.


Nontoured peach

Like blonde nontouring, this look relies on subtle placement of color that glows. It’s as soft as peachy color can be, while still packing the wow factor. Emma Salvér gave the look a twist – literally – with this flawless half-up ‘do, which allows the pastel tones to peek out between dark roots and a cool-toned blonde base.

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