3 Instagram Hair Colors You’ll See EVERYWHERE in 2019

Colour Trends

Ready for some new year hairspiration? If you’re eagerly awaiting the latest round-up of new-season hair colors, look no further than the upcoming Insta-Vintage movement. 2018 may have brought us a rainbow of shades - from bold gemlights to burnished copper - but 2019 is shaping up to be all about natural, soft-focus hues.

Just call it the Instagram effect. With filters like Gingham and Sunrise adding a hazy, powdery tint to our photos, the demand for IRL retro-style hair hues is high. The result? Blondes appear smoky or powdery, redheads skew sun-lit, and brunettes exude an ambery warmth. Get your mixing bowls ready, because this year’s looks will be majorly multi-tonal.

We’ve narrowed down and curated the top three hot hair hues for 2019, from the new iteration of blonde to a cool red that’s positively radiant. Take note, Passionistas...

Vintage Wood Brunette

This year, the classic, cool brunette gets glowy, thanks to a soft, radiant scattering of amber and mahogany hues that brighten up your client’s strands. 2019’s brown hair should be anything but blocky, so delicately weave the lighter hues through the mid-lengths to give the appearance of candlelit color. It’s a look that suits everyone.

Vintage Wood Brunette hair color by Wella Professionals

Create this soft-focus finish by alternating two formulas back-to-back around the front section of hair. Both are applied through the ends only – not to the roots.


1) Koleston Perfect 20g 9/73 + Welloxon Perfect 20g 12%

2) Koleston Perfect 20g 7/71 + Welloxon Perfect 20g 9%


Next, apply 20g 5/75 + 20g 6% Welloxon Perfect to the roots, blending it downwards so it melts with the end formulas. Leave every other section free for a lived-in feel.

After rinsing out the color, finish with a touch of luminosity by applying a Pure Glossing service, using the formula 15g 9/73 + 15g 1.9% + 15g.

Click here to watch the Vintage Wood Brunette step-by-step video. 

Satin Blonde

While ice blonde is by no means over (Pinterest searches for the trend are up 216%), Satin Blonde is the perfect flaxen hue for clients who want to balance cool tones with warm. Ideal if their hair is looking slightly brassy, 2019’s muted, reflective shade of blonde gives a brushed satin finish. Team with loose waves for an undone feel.

Satin blonde hair color by Wella Professionals

Get the look by weaving Illumina Color 10g 10/+ Welloxon Perfect 10g 12% through the front section of hair, framing the face with babylights to brighten your client’s complexion. Continue following the same pattern with a low light through the rest of the hair, using Illumina Color 20g 7/31 + 20g 6%.

Next, apply 20g Blondor Freelights + 30g 9% Freelights Developer freehand in between the foils through the mid section of hair for light-reflective luminosity. Rinse, remove, towel-dry and apply 20g 7/81+ 10g 8/69 + 60g 1.9% to roots and 20g 9/03 + Welloxon Perfect 40g 1.9% through the ends of hair. All shades are Illumina Color.

Click here to watch the Satin Blonde step-by-step video.

Leather Red

As cool and wearable as your favourite, well-worn leather jacket, Leather Red is a lived-in copper with a radiant intensity. If the color is looking dense, you should always start by smoothing Color Renew from root to tip to remove any build-up. This will create a canvas for pure, shimmering color.

Leather red hair color by Wella Professionals

After thoroughly rinsing out the Color Renew, dry the hair and apply Koleston Perfect 40g 7/47 + Welloxon Perfect 40g 6% to roots. Starting at the back of hair, alternate two formulas through the ends: Koleston Perfect 30g 8/43 + Wellaoxon 30g 6% and Koleston 15g 77/44 + Welloxon 5g 0/33 + 20g 6%. Shampoo and style to finish.

And that’s the first three color directions for 2019 revealed. While we’re bound to see more cropping up in the coming weeks, few could possibly be more flattering than these Instagram-inspired shades.

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